Flexible, customized access to the data and research you need.


For an investor, up-to-date information, instantly accessible and analyses of key sustainability topics is essential. Such information needs to be of high quality and highly relevant, and easy to integrate into the investment process.

The ORBIT platform provides investors and issuers with easy and instantaneous access to research, ratings and analyses of key sustainability topics.

  • Access to ESG ratings, analyses and reports
  • Comprehensive ESG information and data on more than 7,000 issuers worldwide
  • Portfolio upload and screening tool for customizable portfolios and ESG criteria
  • Aggregated portfolio reporting on ESG, Carbon and UN SDGs/Impact performance
  • Ability to custom weight corporate ESG ratings according to individual ESG approaches

ORBIT Portfolios

Create, manage and report on portfolios. Apply customized ESG profiles and monitor in real-time, ability to customize ESG ratings.

ORBIT Companies

Access information on companies at indicator level. Compare up to ten companies at indicator level via the  benchmark function.

ORBIT Countries

Access detailed information on ESG country ratings for 60+ countries, analyzed and evaluated according to around 100 social and environmental criteria.

Controversy Monitor

Review and track controversial business areas and controversial business practices in which individual companies are involved.

Download Centre

Access rating reports, sustainability bond ratings, sector reports and position papers on selected sustainability aspects.



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