Understand the compliance, reputation and financial risks within your investments.

Leverage RepRisk’s ESG risk business information, including daily updates, risk analytics and metrics.

Through a strategic partnership, ISS offers business intelligence from RepRisk to help institutional investors assess and monitor environmental, social, and governance (ESG) related reputational risks linked to over 75,000 listed and unlisted companies and 18,000 projects across 34 sectors globally.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, RepRisk serves clients worldwide, helping them to mitigate ESG risks that may present reputational risks.

RepRisk leverages media, stakeholder, and third-party data to understand a company’s risk exposure – serving as an early warning signal and offering a different perspective on company performance, which supports transparency and informed decision-making.

Harnessing the power of technology and hands-on human intelligence in 15 languages, RepRisk curates and delivers data that is updated daily. In addition, the RepRisk Index (RRI) is a propriety metric that quantifies an entity’s reputational risk exposure linked to ESG issues, helping to track risk trends over time and benchmark with peers. Data is collected through a proprietary research process and delivered through an online platform, company reports, and/or data feeds.

Using a proprietary framework, RepRisk systematically captures and analyzes reputational risk incidents related to companies and projects from all sectors and geographies.

On a daily basis, RepRisk delivers timely and comprehensive information on ESG risks including human rights violations, environmental degradation, corruption, and fraud.


RepRisk ESG Platform

  • Incorporate ESG and reputational risks into investment analysis across all asset classes
  • Monitor any investment universe, short list, or portfolio
  • Monitor negative news about companies worldwide on a daily basis with respect to human and labor rights, community relations, the environment and corruption

Trust ISS-Ethix to help you manage ESG risk and navigate the complex and rapidly unfolding application of sustainable and responsible investment.

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