Custom ESG Ratings

Conduct best-in-class analysis based on a broad range of responsible investment principles & user-defined criteria.

Focus on the metrics that are important to you.

As investor demands have grown to incorporate a broader range of ESG issues and a wider range of perspectives, our ESG experts deliver industry-leading research and patented analytics with a broad range of delivery options. Custom ESG Ratings offer a flexible approach that gives investors the ability to include or exclude stocks or conduct best in class analysis based on a broad range of user-defined criteria.

Custom ESG Ratings enable investors to identify risks, enhance productivity, and provide higher levels of service to their underlying clients.

Using proprietary technology, the solution allows advisors and money managers to rate companies and to quickly identify the investments that best meet investment guidelines and client expectations. Custom ESG Ratings are used by investment managers, faith-based investors, wealth managers and family offices, consultants, and others looking to integrate ESG into investments and conduct issues-based stock screening.

ISS ESG Workstation

Delivered online through ISS ESG Workstation, investors can quickly and easily screen for industry involvement, rate companies, and access to narrative details on specific issues based on user-selected criteria. This allows users to customize portfolios for clients and to look at issues from multiple perspectives.

Trust ISS-ESG to help you manage ESG risk and navigate the complex and rapidly unfolding application of sustainable and responsible investment.

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