Integrate climate change into fund investment decisions.


The world’s first climate rating for funds.

Climetrics’ 1-5 leaf ratings provide investors with a holistic assessment of a fund’s climate risks and opportunities. The rating system is based on three parts: a fund’s portfolio holdings, its investment policy, and the asset manager’s governance.


The Climetrics Product Family

Differentiate your products and integrate climate-related risks into fund selection and monitoring processes.

Climetrics Rating License

Climetrics Rating License

The Climetrics Rating License allows asset managers to publicly display the climate rating of an investment fund to clients and other stakeholders, utilizing it to target investors that factor in climate risk and opportunities in their investment process. The license includes free access to a detailed Portfolio Report for each corresponding fund.

Climetrics Portfolio Report

Climetrics Portfolio Report

The Climetrics Portfolio Report provides an in-depth analysis of a fund’s rating result.

Portfolio Holdings Score

What is the climate impact of the portfolio holdings?

Asset Manager Score

What is the asset manager’s level of public action and statements on climate change?

Investment Policy Score

Does the fund have an explicit ESG mandate?

Application Program Interface (API)

Application Program Interface (API)

The Climetrics Application Program Interface (API) enables fund platform providers, banks and financial advisors to automatically feed the fund rating into internal or external systems.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

ISS-climate can provide fund managers with critical insight about their funds’ Climetrics ratings and the steps they would need to take to improve their funds’ ratings.

Index and Investment Products

Index and Investment Products

ISS-climate can support fund managers and index providers with the development of innovative index and investment products based on Climetrics’ fund rating data.


(4 or 5-Leaf Rating)

Indicates that, on average, the companies in a fund’s portfolio are:

  • More carbon efficient.
  • Better at publicly disclosing and managing climate risks and opportunities.
  • More likely to deploy key technologies supporting the energy transition.

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ISS ESG in partnership with CDP

Climetrics, the Climate Rating for Funds, was introduced to the market in 2017 by ISS ESG and CDP.
The solutions coverage and methodology has been continuously evolving since.


Trust Climate Solutions to help you gain a better understanding of your exposure to climate-related risks and use the insights to safeguard your investment portfolios.

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