Biodiversity – The Challenges, The Policy and the Road Ahead for Financial Markets

Despite stellar growth of sustainable and responsible investments (SRI), all indications are that the state of the Earth continues to deteriorate. Hence, there is a need for investors and policymakers to collaborate to ensure that current and future SRI strategies and regulations translate into positive real-world outcomes.

The ISS ESG & Eurosif Masterclass panel will delve into Eurosif’s views on future SRI strategies by looking at the conclusions of their landmark 2021 report. Specifically, we will discuss the importance of investor engagement via several channels.

We link investor engagement to a topic of rising investor focus, biodiversity. The EU Taxonomy establishes biodiversity as a sustainable activity, yet, companies and markets are still grappling with how to define and assess biodiversity protection and restoration.

Our panel will discuss these issues, including the ongoing design of ISS ESG’ approach to the challenge.

This session is meant for institutional investors.


11 July 2022

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