Voting Analytics

Voting Analytics closes the loop on proxy voting management by providing the tools to monitor and analyze institutional voting policies, shareholder meeting results and voting patterns to determine voting trends.

Voting Analytics provides access to the proxy voting records of the largest institutional investors in the U.S. from 2003 to present. The database contains vote records for over 10,000 funds in more than 100 of the top U.S. mutual fund complexes as well as Pass/Fail proposal outcomes for Russell 3000 companies' meetings.

Outside the U.S., Voting Analytics includes thousands of annual vote records for individual proposals at meetings for more than 1,000 companies in 24 other countries including the United Kingdom. Users leverage shareholder proponent data from 2004 to present in order to monitor shareholder proposals and their status for upcoming and historic company meetings.

Voting Analytics allows institutional investors to serve their clients as a more informed fiduciary and deliver meaningful insight to their boards, proxy committees and clients as annual policy updates are considered.

Features of Voting Analytics

  • Determine if your policy is in line with best practices by viewing voting results for specific institutional investors, sorted by the type of proposal.
  • Benchmark your voting records against your peers by viewing their voting records, sorted by proposal type.
  • View summary voting results for individual meetings, including For or Against, Abstain, Vote With Management Recommendations and more.
  • Click-through functionality to access an institution's published voting policies and guidelines.
  • Identify voting patterns and trends through analysis of vote records and vote results
  • Aggregate voting statistics and analyze the data by proposal, fund, or meeting by meeting
  • Benchmark proposal frequency, success and failure rates as well as analyze For and Against statistics
  • View voting policies and guidelines and compare them to others in your peer group
  • Convert voting behavior and corporate governance policy into a marketing tool Access 10-Q filings and N-PX results