Turn-key recordkeeping & disclosure services to help you efficiently and cost-effectively achieve compliance with regulatory requirements and best practice guidelines.

Today’s Asset Managers, Mutual Fund Complexes, and Asset Owners are expected to use best practice standards for proxy vote disclosure. To manage this requirement, ISS provides an outsourced solution to help investors cost-effectively meet regulatory mandates regarding disclosure of voting policies and practices, while also providing a solution for investors in global markets where disclosure is fast becoming a best practice for transparency.


ISS Vote Disclosure Services can help you meet regulatory and best practice standards:

US Securities and Exchange Commission Form N-PX

National Instrument (NI) 81-106 website disclosure in


UCITS disclosure in Europe

UN PRI Signatories

Compliance with the FSC Standard No. 13 and by the

     Stronger Super Review through s29QB under the

     Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act in Australia -

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SEBI vote disclosure requirements in India