2012 ISS Policy Information


Our broad-based policy formulation process collects feedback from a diverse range of market participants through multiple channels: an annual Policy Survey of institutional investors and corporate issuers, roundtables with industry groups, and ongoing feedback during proxy season. ISS' policy board uses this input in forming draft policy updates, the most significant of which are published for an open review and comment period. More information on Policy Outreach for 2012-2013.

Following is information on ISS' benchmark proxy voting policy guidelines. These policies will be in effect for shareholder meetings on or after February 1, 2012.

2012 Policy Updates

Download Executive Summary of Key Updates Download U.S. Policy Updates Download Canadian Policy Updates Download European Policy Updates Download International Policy Updates

United States Policy

2012 U.S. Proxy Voting Summary Guidelines (Updated January 31, 2012)2012 U.S. Proxy Voting Concise GuidelinesEvaluating Pay for Performance: ISS' Quantitative and Qualitative Approach2012 U.S. Capital/Restructuring Policy FAQ 2012 U.S. Audit/Board Policy FAQ 2012 Concise Compensation FAQ2012 Comprehensive Compensation FAQ Industry Group US TSR Medians for Performance-Related PoliciesA Shareholder Perspective on the Valuation of Stock Options Frequently Asked Questions on US Policy Interpretation and Research Process

Canadian Policy

2012 Canadian Proxy Voting Guidelines (TSX-Listed Companies)2012 Canadian Proxy Voting Guidelines (Venture Companies)

European Policy

This standalone policy covers European markets, excluding Eastern and Central Europe.

2012 European Proxy Voting Summary Guidelines2012 French Equity-Based Compensation FAQ2012 French Equity-Based Compensation FAQ (French Language)

United Kingdom Policy

RREV's UK Corporate Governance Policy is based exclusively on the Policy and Voting Guidelines published by the National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF), and is incorporated into ISS' European Policy.

RREV 2012 U.K. Remuneration Guidance NAPF Corporate Governance Policy Voting Guidelines NAPF Policy Voting Guidelines - Specific Updates

International Policy

2012 International Proxy Voting Summary Guidelines2012 Japan Proxy Voting Summary Guidelines 2012 Japan Proxy Voting Summary Guidelines (Japanese /日本語)2012 China Proxy Voting Guidelines2012 Hong Kong Proxy Voting Guidelines 2012 Singapore Proxy Voting Guidelines 2012 Australia Proxy Voting Guidelines 2012 New Zealand Proxy Voting Guidelines2012 Korea Proxy Voting Summary Guidelines (New)

Specialty Policies

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Proxy Voting Guidelines

2012 SRI U.S. Voting Guidelines 2012 SRI International Voting Guidelines

Taft-Hartley Proxy Voting Guidelines

2012 Taft-Hartley U.S. Voting Guidelines 2012 Taft-Hartley International Voting Guidelines