ExecComp Analytics

Comprehensive Data and Tools for Analyzing Executive Compensation Practices

In today’s environment of intense scrutiny of performance based executive pay, investors need greater visibility into companies’ executive compensation practices. Yet pay disclosures are often wordy, non-standardized and mystifying, leaving it to investors to piece together how well a company has linked pay to performance.

ISS’ executive compensation database provides investors with a comprehensive view of executive pay programs at more than 4,000 U.S. companies. The database includes five years of historical CEO and NEO (named executive officer) compensation data, together with MSOP data for the most recent reported period. Salary, bonus, stock-based incentive awards, option grants, non-equity incentive plan payouts, deferred compensation payouts and other components of total compensation are included in ISS’ database.

Investors can use ISS' pay data to:

  • Evaluate the linkage of executive pay with financial performance
  • Assess whether pay incentives are aligned with company strategy
  • Incorporate executive compensation data into quantitative investment models
  • Identify pay practices requiring engagement with companies


For more information and/or a product demonstration, please e-mail marketing@issgovernance.com.